What are study content? What degree do I get?

as much as three months of practical education is usually served in a different enterprise

At present is completed the study with either a jurisprudential or an economics major field of study. Within the future we want within a new format with a then common basic studies and 5 for the fifth semester wahlbaren profiles (expected: 1. Personnel and Organization, 2. Budget and Handle, 3rd Digital Transformation, 4. Hamburg in Europe and 5. Social State) the selection of courses supplied further strong and our students even wider prepare for skilled practice. Because we’re nevertheless in the preparing and preparation, at present can not be safely assumed that the alterations already mentioned for the start out from the study are going to be implemented in 2021 can

If this can be not so, would stay there for the study year 2021 total alike when? s important focus on the two aforementioned alternative majors. For your personal applicability in the later tasks of career as well as your takeover point of view there is absolutely no difference ck. Alot more timely info around the status of implementation and also the center of gravity or profile fields might be obtained from a setting couple of months ahead of the start off with the study in an information session at HAW Hamburg

How the spatere workplace could appear like?

with the productive completion you get the degree Bachelor of Arts and also the nationally recognized Laufbahnbefahigung for the first entry-level official in category two, Department of Common solutions (Beamtenverhaltnis, former upscale general administrative solutions) .Dabei you take capstone accounting over responsibility for the job and lockable meet? choices. Its activity initially as a clerk or clerk can later also Fuhrungsaufgaben such. B. comply with the lead of a functional region or department. Your mobility and alteration readiness, we location wonderful consideration.

The design as a dual degree plan gives for the advantage that you’re already whereas studying within a Beschaftigungsverhaltnis. You can receive your subsequent month-to-month Bezugen of 1,321.40 vermogenswirksame solutions. For you, there is a compulsory insurance coverage inside the wellness and care, not, nevertheless, in the pension and unemployment insurance. As element of their research in the university you will have no educational costs pay only the semester charge of around 280 https://www.northeastern.edu/idea/ (including for a semester ticket for the public transport).

The setting into the program is based around the anticipated staffing requires of the Hamburg administration – therefore exist for successful graduation exceptional takeover opportunities for a subsequent end Beschaftigung.Als modern day employer shall implement the Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg aware in the professional equality of girls and males and seeks zukunftig a balanced https://www.capstonepaper.net/how-to-write-a-capstone-reflection-paper/ proportion on the sexes in the Hamburg administration an.Unsere instruction? for ladies and men are equally effectively suited. That’s why we need to attract candidates generally the same extent and encourage an application. At the moment the administration configurations is inside the range of your household with the Manner underrepresented (three par. 1 and 3 of the Hamburg equality Act). We consequently call on men expressly to apply. They may be taken into account preference if equally qualified, Befahigung and qualified performance.